There's no official uniform at Crofton Downs Primary School but many children like to wear items of school clothing which are available for sale through the office. These include school T-shirts, Polar Fleeces, Hoodies and house T-shirts. 

Clothing, with school logo branding.

To order, please contact the school office




Colour / Style


School T-Shirt (Children)

4, 6, 8, 10, 12



House T-Shirt (Children)

xs(6), S(8), M(10)






House T-Shirt (Adult)

S, M, L, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL






Polar Fleece (Children)

6, 8, 10, 12



Polar Fleece (Adult)




Navy Blue Hoodie




Sun Hat

S 55cm, M 57cm

Wide Brim, Dark Blue


Sun Hat


Bucket, Dark Blue


Stationery packs are used by our New Entrants and these are handed out when they start .  The cost of these packs are then added to your school account for payment

The class start of year school stationery can be brought from Eeny Meeny school packs Link

Although we ask that  children buy their books at the beginning of the year from outside the school, we do carry a range of stationery which children can buy at reasonable cost through out the year.




Term 1     Tuesday 4th February to Thursday 9th April      

Term 2     Tuesday 28th April to Friday 3rd July

Staff only days Friday 29th May 2020 AND Tuesday 2nd June. Queen's Birthday will fall on Monday, June 1st, 2020

Term 3     Monday 20th July to Friday 25th September

Term 4    Monday 12th October to Thursday 17th December (finish at 1pm)             


Public Holidays 2020

Waitangi Day                                   Thursday 6 February

Good Friday *                                  Friday 10 April

Easter Monday *                              Monday 13 April

Easter Tuesday * (for schools)       Tuesday 14 April

Anzac Day                                       Saturday 25 April

Anzac day Mondayised                  Monday 27 April

Queen’s Birthday                             Monday 1 June

Labour Day                                      Monday 26 October

* Fall in the school holidays


2021 TERM DATES  (Staff only days still to be provided)

Term 1    Wednesday 3th February to Friday 16th April   


Term 2    Monday 3rd may to Friday 9th July 

Term 3    Monday 26th July to Friday 1st October

Term 4   Monday 18th October to Thursday 16th December (finish at 1pm)             


Public Holidays 2021

Waitangi Day                            Monday 8th  February 

Good Friday                             Friday 2nd April

Easter Monday                     Monday 5th April

Easter Tuesday  (for schools)             Tuesday 6th April

Anzac Day                               Sunday 25th April 

Anzac day Mondayised                           Monday  26st April

Queen’s Birthday                        Monday 7th June

Labour Day                              Monday 25th October


All students need to wear a sunhat during terms 1 and 4. If they do not have a sunhat on a particular day then they play under the verandahs, in the library or in the covered sandpit.

Sunscreen is NOT provided at school and teachers do not apply sunscreen to children. We recommend providing your child with a roll-on sunblock and teach them how to apply this.  Remember to apply sunblock to your child before they come to school.

Wednesday and Thursday are our wheels days. Children can bring bikes, scooters, roller blades etc to school to ride on the back court only. Children must wear helmets and protective gear in order to ride.

Scooters and bikes must be walked over to the backcourt and not ridden across the playground. Apart from these rules, have fun!