We have a great PTA, which not only achieves significant fundraising goals but has fun doing it. It's a good way to meet fellow parents and become involved in the life of the school. Find out more here.


At Crofton Downs Primary School we have an open door policy and welcome parents to visit teachers and/or the Principal to discuss any details concerning their children or the school.

For teaching staff it is appreciated if an appointment can be made if the request is more than a quick question and answer.

We formally report to parents in the following ways:


We have a meet the teacher evening where all of the classroom parents can meet up and where the teacher will outline the programme and routines they intend to put in place.  This is followed by a question and answer time.


Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Teachers will report the results of initial testing and provide feedback about how your child is settling into the class.


Parent/Teacher Conferences. New information about your child's learning will be shared with parents and general discussion about their learning/social progression.

Throughout the year:

We write our report comments during each of the terms and these are available using our online reporting system called Linc-ed.  Teachers will write comments, share examples of work and assessment results using this system and will email you when new comments are published.  We aim to report several times per term on different curriculum areas, including general comments.

        We report on the National Standards suing this online tool twice per year.

        A short Frequently Asked Questions section might be useful to you and you can find         this by clicking HERE.

The crossing outside the main gate is patrolled before and after school by children and parents or teachers. The staff are very grateful to the parents who offer to help with this as the times that the patrol is needed are also important times for the staff to be in their classrooms and available to children and parents.

For the safety of the children it is important that parents and children use the crossing and do not park on yellow lines.

On fortnightly Fridays children are able to buy a sausage sizzle, along with a biscuit and a Juicie.

The prices are:

  • Sausage: $1.50
  • Cookie: $1.00
  • Juicies: $1.00

Teachers would appreciate it if you were able to send along change or smaller notes as large notes can be difficult for giving change.

Funds from the sale of Sausage Sizzles go to support the biennial camp for Year 5 and Year 6 students.

 These are the dates for Sausage Sizzle this year 2020 Fridays:


Term 1

Term 2

14 Feb

28 Feb

13 March

27 March

15 May

  5 June

19 June

  3 July

Term 3

Term 4

31 July

14 August

11 September 

25 September

  6 November

20 November

  4 December


We all remember the Lucky Book Club from when we were kids (well, IF you lived in NZ as a child that is!) and it is still going strong.

In the newsletter you will get more information about the sales and brochures will be sent home a couple of times per term.  You can order by following the instructions on the brochure.

If you have any questions then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Rachel will be able to help you out