Jan Amos

Jan Amos, Teacher Aide

 Jan works in Matau Room.  She works with an individual student as well as small groups.


Lin Laternell

Lin Laternell, Teacher Aide

 Hi I'm Lin. I'm from Tauranga. My role is to support teachers in both the Junior and Middle pods with literacy and numeracy. I also work with an individual student. I have loved watching children grow and develop from being a New Entrant and being shy to children that can take risks and challenge their minds. Crofton Downs Primary School rocks!


Heather Ruffell

Heather Ruffell, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Heather works with our students who are learning English as a second language.  She also runs, with parental support, the PMP programme.

Belinda Ford

Belinda Ford, Teacher Aide

I moved to Wellington from Australia at the end of 2015 and feel very lucky to be working at Crofton Downs Primary School! I have been a Teacher Aide for the last 4 years and I love my job! Working with children and being able to help them learn and grow in this world is simply awesome. I love to travel and this is the 3rd country I have lived in. If I’m not at work I am usually travelling or out and about with my 2 children exploring this wonderful city we live in.


Rachel Shelley

Rachel Shelley, Librarian



Tali Milevale

Tali Milovale

Tali runs our before-school care program from 7:30 each morning.