At our school, all the children know each other, support each other and often play across the year groups. Our peer mediators help solve problems and encourage thoughtfulness and consideration in the playground.

In our classes every child is supported individually to achieve to the best of their ability and talent.

We know our large playing field, courts, bush and playgrounds are a luxury for a city school, and our children make the most of them.

Our parents enjoy meeting in the courtyard as they wait for their children to finish their day. New families quickly become part of the friendly Crofton Downs Primary School community.

We value childhood. Our pupils have the space and freedom to play, explore and enjoy being children.

Children enjoy the latest technology, including computers and electronic whiteboards in every classroom.

We encourage children to learn and inquire - to develop thinking tools and questioning skills while discovering the joy of learning.

For families who come to school from outside our zone, our location just off the route into town offers plenty of easy parking. For working families, we also offer quality before- and after-school care.