The Crofton Downs Primary School Board of Trustees invites applications from parents who wish to enrol their children at the school in Term 4, 2017 and in the 2018 academic school year.  Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office and on our website.

To complete an application please click THIS LINK. The deadline for receipt of applications is 5pm, October 18th, 2017.

The Board has determined that 1 place at New Entrant level is likely to be available for out of zone enrolments in Term 4, 2017, and 5 places at New Entrant level are likely to be available for out of zone enrolments in 2018. The exact number of places will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone.  Parents of students who live within the home zone should also apply by the 18 October deadline to assist the school to plan appropriately.

If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot is required it will be held on 24th October. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

Artrageous Big Kids Holiday Programme 18–22 April 

Our BIG KIDS week is aimed at children aged 10-14 years. Providing them with a space, focused adult attention and loads of resources. This programme is tailored to draw out older children’s interest in creating art and using their creativity by themselves and collaboratively.

Bookings at

Artrageous Holiday Programme 18–22 April + 26–29 April 2016

We focus on extending children's creativity through many different medias. Our aim is to draw out your child's creative expression to develop confidence and self esteem and also to have heaps of fun. We provide new activities every day, however if your child is focused on exploring one medium they can work in that medium every day.

Bookings at