Rotary on Cuba wants to promote both craft       

and outdoor activity by offering a Kite

Challenge. Flying kites should be a unique

past-time in Wellington’s winds.




The challenge is in 2 parts.

1.    Get a kite! Build one or decorate one, or both. There’ll be a prize for successful “home builds” and for decoration, or both. It could be a class project, or a home & family one, or you could buy a kitset from our project supporter, Moore Wilson’s in Tory/College Streets


2.    Make it fly! We’ll have judges to see how well your kite flies

Designs for building kites are available on

 (These are suitable for younger children to build, usually from A4 paper)

This site also shows how to build larger kites as well as simple ones. The traditional diamond shaped ones are harder to make.


Be sure to tow your kite with thread or string… nylon fishing line will cut the lines of other kites….and maybe your fingers as well!


Venue: Liardet Street Park in Berhampore


When? Sunday 7 April from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.


Entry: $5 per participant. Register at the desk and get a numbered wrist band. (Parents and family supporters free!)


Prizes: Our roving judges will be looking for design, art and flying ability. Awards will be made to entrants under 7 (on the day), Under 12 and Under 16.





Adults: Adults, and experts from the                  

New Zealand Kite Association are


invited to demonstrate their kites